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About "Safety Photos"

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[All about iOS / iPadOS apps]
■2020.11.06 (Fri)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.9 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.10.31 (Sat)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.8 Ready for sale.
■2020.10.30 (Fri)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.8 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.10.30 (Fri)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.7 Ready for sale.
■2020.10.29 (Thu)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.7 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.09.24 (Thu)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.6 Ready for sale.
■2020.09.23 (Wed)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.6 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.05.27 (Wed)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.5 Ready for sale.
■2020.05.27 (Wed)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.5 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.03.05 (Thu)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.4 Ready for sale.
■2020.03.04 (Wed)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.4 Submitted, pending review.
■2020.02.29 (Sat)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0.3 First release.
■2020.02.25 (Tue)■
"Safty Photos" 1.0 Submitted, pending Apple review.
■2020.02.14 (Fri)■
Configured homepage using dummy data.

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[About Safety Photos]
■2020.11.06 (Fri)■ --- (Ver.1.0.9)
1. Bug fixed.
Fixed an issue where the "Permission required" warning was displayed even though the permission dialog was answered "Allow" at initial startup.
■2020.10.30 (Fri)■ --- (Ver.1.0.8)
1. Serious bug fixed.
There was a bug that the photo library permission dialog should be displayed immediately after purchase or after re-acquisition after deleting the application, but it falls into an infinite loop. I fixed this.
■2020.10.29 (Thu)■ --- (Ver.1.0.7)
1. Added a function to share copied result.
The copied image cannot be saved or sent without going through the memo app, so it may be against the read-only concept, but we have added a share button so that you can save, print, send, etc. directly. This button will appear on the copied result screen.
■2020.09.23 (Wed)■ --- (Ver.1.0.6)
1. Fully hidden support for iOS14.
If you do not check the "hidden" album in the settings of the photo app of iOS14, the hidden photos will be completely hidden in the photo app, but they could be displayed in this app, so we changed it to be completely hidden. The "hidden" album would be unconditionally hidden because the "hidden" album settings for the photo could not be parsed.
■2020.05.27 (Wed)■ --- (Ver.1.0.5)
1. Added "Panic Swipe Area".
In the case of iPhone vertical orientation and page-curl mode, if the saved photo is edited and rotated by ± 90 degrees, swipe cannot be performed by horizontal dragging and it stops there. If there is a lower toolbar, you can swipe from it, but prepare a swipe area at the bottom in case you erase it. This area should be present not only on the iPhone but also on the iPad, so it is always placed in page-curl mode. If you use this, you can swipe without changing expanded image.
(Caution) However, in the case of video, you cannot swipe until the playback ends.
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