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Safety Photos

(1st Edition: 2020.02.29)
Safety Photos

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You can find it as soon as you search for 'readonly' in the iOS App Store.
🔷 Ver.1.0.5 update details 🔷
1. Add "Panic Swipe Area".
In the case of iPhone vertical orientation and page-curl mode, if the saved photo is edited and rotated by ± 90 degrees, swipe cannot be performed by horizontal dragging and it stops there. If there is a lower toolbar, you can swipe from it, but prepare a swipe area at the bottom in case you erase it. This area should be present not only on the iPhone but also on the iPad, so it is always placed in page-curl mode. If you use this, you can swipe without changing expanded image.
(Caution) However, in the case of video, you cannot swipe until the playback ends.
☆ About this app

  View photos or play videos in the photo library.
  It works as an aid to the “Photos” app, but does not add / edit / delete at all.

  iOS 9.3.5 later (iPhone5s, 6s, X, iPad2, iPadMini, etc.)

  The “Photos” app is very useful, but it can change the contents of the library inadvertently, so you need to be careful with using it. The biggest feature of this app is that it is “read only”, that is, it does not touch the library at all.
  Because it is a library display, it displays photos and plays videos in a different way than the “Photos” application. Especially in video playback, reverse playback with audio is also possible. If the device is placed horizontally, the left and right sides can be played back separately on a two-screen display for comparison. You can also zoom in and out separately. You can copy photos, but also you can stop playing the video and copy the image at that point. Since writing to the library is against the concept, it will not be done, so the copied image will be pasted on a “Memo” app and written to the library or sent by e-mail.
  The hardest part of creating was the slideshow function. Compared to the “Photos” app, there is no music, there is no beautiful screen composition, it is just a repetitive display, but it has one feature. If videos are mixed in the selected album and the video has long playback time, if you play it normally, you will have to wait a long time alone, even looking over the entire library. It seems to be forgotten. I think there are two types of desire to watch slide shows. There are times when you want to immerse yourself slowly in your memories, and times when you want to quickly see the whole thing. The purpose of this app is to focus on the latter, not only for video, but also for split playback (intermittent playback) of video and not to spend a long time there. Incorporate a video into a repeating photo view as if it were a few photos. However, since it is a special video, it plays a few seconds for each part not displays as a stop motion. Even a video that lasts from a few minutes to several hours can take only a few tens of seconds.